Space Colony Studios

Space Colony Studios is a collection of independent artists, writers and developers working together to create the Stories from Sol anthology of games; a multi part, narrative focused series created to express our enjoyment in old school anime, retro sci-fi and engaging storytelling.

Jonathan Durham

Creative Director / Main Writer

Jon lives in Cardiff, South Wales and has always been a fan of science fiction and telling stories. Exposed to 80s anime like Bubblegum Crisis and Cyber City OEDO at far too young an age, it’s just a surprise he hasn’t made something like Gun-Dog sooner.

Ben Keller

Technical Director / Lead Developer

Ben is a professional software developer in Bristol, UK, who decided it was time to make a game instead of just playing them. Gun-Dog is Ben’s first foray into visual novels, mecha anime, and retro gaming but that hasn’t stopped him from wrangling the engine to bring the studio’s creative vision to life.

Kevin Butler

Head pixel artist / animator

Kevin is a freelance game artist and animator from Pennsylvania, USA. Heavily inspired by older Capcom games, he's always loved to draw and create characters. Luckily, old habits die hard and he's done it enough to do it professionally.

Daniel Goodman


Daniel is a freelance videogame composer currently living in Wiltshire, UK. He has always been enamoured by videogame music and as a child would record soundtracks from Mega Drive games onto cassette tapes for fun. He has been writing electronic music, with a preference for trackers over DAWs, for over a decade.